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We are specialist printers, publishers & distributors of harp music who also sell harp recordings and scores for individual musicians, record companies & other publishers. While we specialise in HARP music you will also find recordings and sheet music for other instruments.

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CD cover 1 Man Band by Ben Creighton Griffiths1 Man Band - Ben Creighton Griffiths - Released 4th February 2017
The CD, 1 Man Band, is a varied recording of Ben's work. It contains a mix of styles and genres, acoustic and electronic music, and well known tunes and new original music. It features solo harp, solo piano, and mixed tracks as well as one duet (The Station) with percussionist Matthew Williams. Recorded at Acapela Studios in the summer of 2016 and mastered by Reel Time Studios, 1 Man Band is an exciting and fresh approach to the idea of Harp, Jazz, and Jazz Harp.

Click here for Release Concert 4th February 2017 @ Acapela

New Publications from Creighton's Collection:
Arrangements by
Ernestine Stoop
Compositions by
Ben Creighton Griffiths
Miroirs On an overgrown path String Bossa Promenade in Prague
Miroirs On an overgrown path String Bossa Promenade in Prague
From the Land of the Long White Cloud
Solos for Intermediate lever Harp by Anna Dunwoodie
Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4
Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4
The Copper Rose (waltz) Telynor (air)
Madame Vinegar (waltz)
The Sonsie Lass (slow jig) Windmill Road (slow reel)
As He Gently Breathes (air)
The Heron (waltz)
The Resolved Dispute (air)
Miss Laura Robertson (jig)
Lesley's Waltz (waltz)
Planxty Rosemary (waltz)
Always There (air)
Clarence Street (waltz)
Mweenish (air)
Jamie's Hiccups (hornpipe)
The Appin Lament
The Fallen Apple (lament)
The Wedding Waltz
West Park Waltz
Skerryvore (lament)
Vinegar Hill (air)
Bev's Fancy (slow reel)
Fru Sally (slow reel)
Mrs Raewynn Robertson (air)