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  Creighton's Collection Exhibition Stall - photo by Lukášem Jancinou

We are specialist printers, publishers & distributors of harp music who also sell harp recordings and scores for individual musicians, record companies & other publishers. While we specialise in HARP music you will also find recordings and sheet music for other instruments.

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Voice and Harp Summer CourseConcert for Flute, Viola & Harp

Sarah Newbold (flute), Martin Outram (viola) and Katherine Thomas (harp)


Sunday 25 September 2016 3pm

Lion Ballroom
off Broad Street, Leominster HR6 8BT


Tickets at £12 (students half-price)

Box Office: Leominster Tourist Information Centre
1 Corn Square, Leominster
Tel: 01568 616460


Programme includes two works by Derek Smith
which we publish as Adlais Music Publishers


Magic Flute: A Mozartian Diversion


Premiere of
Trio in G after the String Quartet K80


Creighton's Collection will be attending the concert with a small display of our chamber music