Adlais 230: Music For A While On The Wales Coast Path

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Music For A While On The Wales Coast Path
Ar y Llwybr Arfordir Cymru
David Watkins

Publisher Adlais Music Publishers
Catalogue No. Adlais 230
ISMN 9790570322954
Edition Date 2023, A4 Stapled
Duration c. 8.40 minutes
Instrumentation  Solo Pedal Harp
Level Intermediate
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Recording of the Music For A While On The Wales Coast Path
Performed by David Watkins (home recording)

Tim Creighton Griffiths Adlais 230 Music for a While by WATKINS David

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Music For A While On The Wales Coast Path
Ar y Llwybr Arfordir Cymru

CLYCHAU ABERDYFI (The Bells of Aberdovey)
TROS Y GARREG (Over the Stone)
DAFYDD Y GARREG WEN (David of the White Rock)
CAN Y MELINYDD (The Miller's Song)


Dan Llywelyn Hall, artist and lead curator for Celf Coast Cymru Arts Project, asked me to compose a piece of music to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Wales Coast Path completion, and commissioned by the Wales Coast Path.

The whole of Wales is encircled by a continuous foot path made up by the Wales Coast Path and Offa's Dyke Path. They embrace a country famous for its music and poetry.

Music for a While starts with a brief Introduction and then the 'Walking Theme' (Promenade) is repeated between four folk song arrangements.

The first, The Bells of Aberdovey, reminds one of the legend of a drowned kingdom between Ramsey and Bardsey Islands. Standing on the shore, you might just be able to hear the bells from under the sea.

Over the Stone. Back from war, Rhys the soldier hurries back to his Lady Love in Anglesey. It is quite a journey over stony paths and many stiles, and he expects a great welcome. "Raise the Dragon and wake the happy harps of Wales".

David of the White Rock. The dying harpist asks his family to bring him his harp so he can play it for the last time. "Last night," he said, "an angel appeared to me saying, 'Please play your harp all the way on your journey up to heaven.'"

The Miller's Song. This Miller is very positive and happy as he sings a rather impressive catalogue of everything he owns: the animals in his field and a dresser full of china in his parlour. He is looking for a wife!

Eleri Lloyd & David Watkins (January 2023)

Cover image "Coastal Meander for a While" by Dan Llywelyn Hall - Used by permission


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