SM277: Cocnut Fancies

Coconut Fancies
Els Millenaar

Cover Image: Coconut Fancies by Els Millenaar

Coconut Fancies - A miniature holiday! Original music for two harps by Els Millenaar

the sun etches the silhouettes
of coconut trees against the sky
music drifting across the water
awakens dance moves
within my body-
I dance wacky bounces
to the happy Caribbean beat

Coconut Fancies for two harps or harp ensemble is a happy piece inspired by the reggae beat of the Caribbean. Please feel free to include simple percussion instruments and give the melody line to a solo instrument for example the flute. Playing this music together should be a fun experience - and maybe invite some dancers, too!

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About Els Millenaar

Library Information

Title: Coconut Fancies
Composer: Els Millenaar (music & poetry)
Instrumentation: Two harps
Level: Intermediate
Duration: 2'35"
Format: Stapled score + pull out parts
Size: AA
Weight: 100gm
ISMN: M-57046-036-6
Our Ref: SM277
Publisher: Creighton's Collection
Edition/Year: First Edition April 2011
Origin: Wales, UK

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Sample of the music

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