SM033: Music Theory for the Young Harp Player

Music Theory for the Young Harp Player by Jean Hudson

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Music Theory for the Young Harp Player is a theory book with a difference, written specifically for Key Stage 2 pupils who are learning to play the harp. The approach is practical, covering the requirements of at least Grades 1 & 2 of the Associated Board of Music.

The pupil is encouraged to learn music theory in a meaningful way. Concepts are systematically introduced and carefully re-enforced with exercises and games. Whilst considering the different types of harps and their history, the young player is introduced to the exciting world of the harp.


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My own experience as a child where performance and theory were separate, has strongly influenced the way I teach music. Music theory is a language and is essential for every musician, so that they can communicate with other musicians. Many older pupils have a fear of written music and frequently express an inadequacy because they do not read music. Children do not need to develop these fears, but should instead be encouraged to read and understand music as a positive step to becoming competent musicians.

There are many theory books, but it is hoped that this book will fulfil the particular need of young children learning to play the harp. The approach is practical and covers the requirements of at least Grades 1 & 2.

Musicians choose to tune their harps in a variety of keys. In order to accommodate this, the main part of the book addresses the needs of pupils tuning their harps to E flat, and the appendix to A flat.

The history of the harp is long and the kinds of harp are varied. Anyone learning to play should be aware of their sense of time and place in the harp world. It is my intention that this book should address that need.

It is hoped that teachers will find the book a useful complement when teaching and that the content will enhance the musical experiences of their pupils.

Jean Hudson 2004


Dedication & Acknowledgements


Why do we need Written Music
The Geography of the Harp
The Harp Family
Harpy Wordsearch
Finding your way around Music
Naming Notes in the Treble Clef
Note naming practice in the Treble Clef
Reading and Writing
Musical terms Wordsearch
Note naming in the Bass Clef
The Time names of Notes
The Harp in England
Time Signatures
Do you know your Crotchets from your Quavers
The Harp in Scotland
How many Beats and What Key
Tones and Semitones
The Scale of C Major
Key Signatures
Musical Matching Pairs
The Harp in Wales
More Scales
Quiz time

Musical Terms
Match the Terms with their Meaning
More Musical Terms
Time for a little Revision
The Harp in Ireland
The Magic Harp
Intervals and Tunes
Tuning your Harp
Musical Jigsaw
Musical Crossword
Strings & Things
Appendix I (For players who tune their harps to A flat)
Key Signatures
More Scales
Tuning to Ab Major
Appendix II
Teachers Bibliography



Score Information

Composer/Arranger: Jean Hudson
Instrumentation: Lever Harp
Level: Beginner to Grade 2
Format: Wire bound
Size: A4
Total Pages in covers: 98
Our Ref: SM033
Publisher: Harp & Carpe Music
Distributor: Creighton's Collection
Edition/Year: Second Edition October 2007
Origin: UK

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