A0199-CD: Harp Recital in Kyoto by Elizabeth Fontan-Binoche

Harp Recital in Kyoto by Elizabeth Fontan-Binoche

CD CoverLive recording of Elizabeth Fontan-Binoche's Harp Recital in Kyoto which won a National Award. The recital includes music by Tournier, Roussel, handel, Respighi, Dussek, Faure, Gabriel Pierne, Marcel Pierne and Elias Parish Alvars. A must have recording for advanced harp students preparing their classical harp repertoire.

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Audio Samples & Track Listing

Track Listing

      Marcel Tournier
1.   Vers la source, dans le bois

      Albert Roussel
2.   Impromptu Op. 21

      George Freiedrich Haendel
      Concerto op 4-6
3.   Allegro Moderato
4.   Laghetto
5.   Allegro moderato(cad Grandsawy)
      Ottorino Respighi
6.   Siciliana

      Johann L. Dussek
7.   Allegro
8.   Andantino
9.   Rondo allegro
      Gabriel Faure
10.  Impromptu op.86
11.  Une chatelaine en sa tour...op.110

      Gabriel Pierne
12.  Impromptu-Caprice op.9

      Marcel Pierne
13.  Lolita la danceuse op.29

      Elias Parish-Alvars
14. Serenade op.83

      Gabriel Faure
15. Romance sans parole op.17-3

CD Notes & Credits

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Harp Recital in Kyoto by Elizabeth Fontan-Binoche

The only thing this CD lacks are some programme notes, but perhaps that is not too much of a problem with this CD featuring the most important harp Recital Repertoire.

Elizabeth Fontan-Binoche

PHOTO: Elizabeth Fontan-BinocheThe study of music, especially music for the harp, has played an integral role in the life of Elizabeth Fontan-Binoche. Her studies of the harp began illustriously at the age of six with acclaimed composer Marcel Tournier. At just 13, she joined her teacher at the internationally renown Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique Paris(CNSM), where she continued her studies with other great artists such as Jacquelin Borot and Norbert Dufourcq. Later, this winner of the Israel International Prize, made her own contributions to the further development of the study of the harp by introducing harp curricula at seven conservatories from the Paris region to the maritime Alps. She has held the distinguished positions of assistant at the CNSM and Professor of Harp at the Boulogne and Lyon Conservatories, and is now the Professor of Harp at theNational Conservatory of Nice while also instructing at the Antibes and Cagnes-sur-Mer Conservatories. As one of France's most gifted performers, Elizabeth Fontan-Binoche has enchanted audiences world-wide earning critical acclaim for her talent and musicality. Her musical accomplishments are a wonderful homage to her master teacher, Marcel Tournier.


Album & Artist Information

Instruments: Harp
Genre: Classical
Format: Audio CD
Our Ref: A0199
Label: La Maggiore
Year: 2003 (reissue)
Origin: EU

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