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We are specialist printers, publishers and distributors of harp music. We also sell harp recordings & scores for individual musicians, record companies & other publishers. While we specialise in HARP music you will also find recordings and sheet music for other instruments!

We have two web sites:
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Learn more about the products we sell. Scores normally include sample pages and each CD has at least 3 sound clips. There are also profile pages for the artists. Our Online Shop where you can purchase CDs and sheet music. We ship world wide and accept a range of credit cards and PayPal. Orders can also be sent by post or fax

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Harp on Wight International Online Festival 23rd-26th October 2020

With our usual festival format compromised this year due to the current COVID-19 situation, this year we have free online concerts and workshops with leading harpists to delight and entertain you. These will be taking place between 23rd-26th October. For full details please visit the festival web site

Transpennine Harps (online) Festival 7-8 November 2020
Transpennine Harps Festival 2020 poster

Join us for our first ever (online) Transpennine Harps Festival weekend! There will be a wide variety of workshops as well as the opportunity to meet and chat with other harp enthusiasts...! All workshops will be held using Zoom and the relevant links will be sent out to participants in good time for the classes. All of the sessions will be recorded so you can reveiw them later (they will be online for a period of six months during which you will be able to download them to keep should you wish), and there will be handouts and printed music with each class for you to download and keep. If you are unfamiliar with Zoom, never fear - you don't need any special equipment other than a laptop/phone/tablet and a reasonable internet connection. It is very simple to use and we are available for any troubleshooting!

Our tutors Lucy Nolan and Tamsin Dearnley will be leading a dazzling array of workshops over this two-day exploratory feast of the possibilities of the harp. With their incredibly diverse backgrounds, let them take you through music both old and new, from near and far, melodic and rhythmic - and with the possibility of creating your very own silent film score...! There will be spaces available for private lessons of 30 or 60 minutes with both tutors - please contact them to book a slot and let them know what you'd like to work on so that they can prepare materials in advance.