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We are specialist printers, publishers and distributors of harp music. We also sell harp recordings & scores for individual musicians, record companies & other publishers. While we specialise in HARP music you will also find recordings and sheet music for other instruments!

We have two web sites:
www.creightonscollection.co.uk www.creighton-griffiths.co.uk
Learn more about the products we sell. Scores normally include sample pages and each CD has at least 3 sound clips. There are also profile pages for the artists. Our Online Shop where you can purchase CDs and sheet music. We ship world wide and accept a range of credit cards and PayPal. Orders can also be sent by post or fax

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Creighton's Collection Exhibition Stall at the Prague Harp Festival - photo by Lukášem Jancinou
Creighton's Collection Exhibition Stall - photo by Lukášem Jancinou
The text under the harp logo reads "Iaith enaid ar ei thannau" [Its strings sound the language of the soul]