UM0966: The Harp Of Brandiswhiere

Cover image The Harp Of Brandiswhiere
Narrative and Suite for Lever Harp by Sylvia Woods
Contents: Contains the full story of the legend as well as the written music of the suite
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Instrumentation: Lever Harp, Pedal Harp or Piano
Level: Advanced
Format: US letter size stapled score
ISMN/Bar Code: 9780960299027
Publisher: Sylvia Woods Harp Center
Edition/Year: 1982, Second Edition 2004
Origin: USA
Our Ref: UM0966

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The Harp Of Brandiswhiere
Narrative and Suite for Harp by Sylvia Woods

This is the printed music of Sylvia Woods' Harp of Brandiswhiere: A Suite for Celtic Harp. It contains the full story of the legend, beautifully illustrated by English artist Steve Duglas as well as the written music of the suite, which can be played on lever or pedal harp, or piano. These eleven pieces are in sharp keys with no fingerings. Most of the music is for advanced harp players. 60 pages.


1. Legend, The (Woods S)
2. In The Forest (Woods S)
3. Dialogue With A Brook (Woods S)
4. Lament (Woods S)
5. Gypsy Mirage (Woods S)
6. Gourenspur (Woods S)
7. Harper's Vision,The (Woods S)
8. Morning Calm (Woods S)
9. Forest March (Woods S)
10. Metamorphosis (Woods S)
11. Brandiswhiere's Triumphant (Woods S)


Prologue from the Narrative

Harpers will tell you the Legend of the Island. They say it lies far away in a remote part of the ocean known only to them. A special island of breathtaking beauty. An island of perpetual peace. It is the island of eternal Spring.

As they tell it, the island was created eons ago during a dark and troubled epoch. Then sorcerers and magicians ruled the world and wrestled each other constantly for control. No place was safe from their malevolent influence, no land unscathed by the ravages of their wars. Beauty, art, and music seemed to be all but banished from the world.

Yet amid all this turmoil, one lone harper persevered, and through the magic of his music, protected himself as he traveled the land. A lifetime of wandering honed his instinct for survival, sharpened his artistic senses, broadened the scope and power of his music, and made his magic as strong as that of any of the wizards.

As an old man, he tired of the constant struggle, and decided to leave a legacy which would influence the world long after he was gone. So he sat down with his harp, and summoning all of his magical powers, and concentrating all of his musical prowess, began to play.

He played the image he saw in his mind: the image of an island. A special place filled with good people, and beautiful things, and music. A source of music. A home for music. The more he played, the more involved he became. And as he played faster, he seemed to melt into the image even as the image began to take on the appearance of reality. Faster and harder he played, giving himself totally to this musical frenzy.

And the island began to be.

His fingers flew on the strings creating powerful chords that became steep white cliffs rising from an azure sea. On and on he played. With intricate melodies, he shaped beautiful deep forests, flower filled meadows, and flowing brooks and waterfalls. He decreed that it would always be Spring on the island, Winter would never come. With a shower of magical notes he populated it with birds and animals and a race of people who would grow to love their tranquil and isolated life.

Still he played on with abandon, his very being becoming the music itself. His ancient eyes gleamed as he beheld the tangible manifestation of his most noble dream.

This island was to be a haven for harpers, and they must be protected. To keep them safe and secure, he summoned his last ounce of melodic energy, and with a mighty crescendo, he cloaked his creation in a shroud of invisibility.

As the final chord faded away, there stood a wondrous magical island: magnificent, yet invisible.

And the old harper was gone.


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