UM0813 Valses for Harp

Cover image Valses for Harp
Paul Lewis
Contents: Valse Nostalgique
Valses Pastiches

No. 1 Valse Sentimentale
No. 2 Valse Brave
Instrumentation: Solo Harp
Level: Intermediate
Format: A4 stapled score
ISMN: 9790222230163
Publisher: Goodmusic Publishing
Edition/Year: 2001
Origin: UK
Our Ref: UM0813

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About the music

This valse is the result of a recurring vision in 1998 in which two young children, a boy and a gjrl in flowing white attire, flowers in their hair, danced in dreamlike slow motion around a woodland glade on a summer's eve.

No. 1 Valse Senthnentale - No.2 Valse Brave
"Valse Sentimentale" was composed in 1993 as part of an evening of poetry and music presented by the acting team of Marion Mathie and John Humphry, with harpist Ruth Holden. Marion is best known as Mrs.Rumpole, "her inside", in the TV series "Rumpole of the Bailey", and "Valse Sentimentale" accompanied her rendition of "In the Public Gardens" by John Betjeman. On reworking the valse as a concert solo, Paul Lewis decided that, as it had a certain feminine quality, he should add a more masculine counterpart. So, inspired by the heroic acting of Marion's husband John Humphry, he composed "Vaise Brave". Together they form the two "Valses Pastiches".

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