SM426: Seres del Fuego

Seres del Fuego

Cover Image Fire has been an element with a strong mystical presence since ancient times, manifesting in magic spells, inspiring dances in the light of the moon. The home of magical creatures can be found within its vivid colours. This piece is inspired by the powerful element of fire, carrier of light and cosmic energy. It evokes beings from the myths of the ancient Celtic, Scandinavian and Greek cultures.

Salamanders, little red devils, deities of light, Limniades and the mystical Phoenix are all present in this composition. Each has been represented by a different musical variation. Dancing in the flames, these mystical creatures connect with the human race and invite us to travel through the strings of the Celtic harp, visiting a world often invisible, intangible and yet captivating. Feel it in the depths of your being - that magical presence surrounding the harp.

Create a space, your own inner flame, and find there the sweetness and mystery of this simple melody, finding your own inspiration in nothing more and nothing less than the fantasy of dreams.


For lever harp in F or Pedal harp

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Library Information

Work Seres del Fuego
Composer: Athy
Instrumentation: Lever or Pedal Harp
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Format: Score, Stapled
Size: A4
Weight: 60gm
ISMN: M-57046-088-5
Our Ref: SM426
Publisher: Freak Harp Music
Printed/Distributed Creighton's Collection
Edition/Year: 2013
Origin: UK

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