SM0236: Beginner's Harp Book - Book 1

Cover image Beginner's Harp Book - Book 1
Phyllis Schlomovitz
Contents: Method, Studies and tunes
Instrumentation: Lever Harp
Level: Beginner
see Contents for Exam Settings
Format: Wire bound book 8.5" x11"
Weight: 260gm
ISMN/Bar Code: 709070-060
Publisher: Salvi Harps Publications
Series --
Edition/Year: 1976. 1989 (Revised 2016)
Origin: Italy
Our Ref: SM0236
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Contents and Exam Settings

Exam Settings
Beginner's Harp Book - Book 1
Phyllis Schlomovitz

ABRSM Grade 1 List A Item 7 - Allegretto
ABRSM Grade 2 List C Item 5 - Ballerina
ABRSM Grade 4 List C Item 7 - Butterfiles

TRINITY Initial Grade Item 21 - Little Harper
TRINITY Initial Grade Item 22 - Japanese Sunset



These books are intended to supply the beginning harpist with the material needed for the first one to two years of study by a student who has had no prior musical training. The material has been carefully graded and may be adapted as well to the student with prior musical training by simply moving at a faster pace. The book may also be used for self-teaching.

The inclusion of detailed explanations of each technique, as well as new theoretical material, should greatly aid the teacher by reducing the time required for explanation to each student. It is important to remember that any discipline presented in an early lesson should be adhered to in subsequent lessons.



Ten Lessons

Lesson 1
Musical Terms
Practical Advice
Harp Structure
Notes on the Harp

Lesson 2
Note Finders
Notes and Rhythms
Dotted Notes, Skips and Steps
More Skips and Steps
Skipping Rope
Stepping Stones
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Church Bells

Using Two Fingers
Japanese Sunset
Unbroken Thirds
Bunny Hop

Lesson 4
Using Three Fingers
Three-Note Scales
Blind Mice Song
Ryhmin Song

Lesson 5
Notes on Triads
Little Harper
New Division of Beats
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms
New Techniques
Buzzing Bee
New Division of Beats
Spanish Dance

Lesson 6
The Inverted Triad
Minor Keys
Arpeggiated Triads
The Little Black Swans

Lesson 7
Harmonizing a Melody
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Key Signatures
Key of F Major

Lesson 8
Four Fingers
Dominant 7th Chord
Added 6th Chords

Lesson 9
Happy Birthday

Key of D Minor
Jingle Bells

When the Young Leaf Buds

Lesson 10
Key of G Major
He is Born

Key of E minor

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Sample Page