SM0165: Moonlight Visitations

Moonlight Visitations
Fran McGaughey

Cover ImageSpoken Voice, Harp ensemble (Parts I, II, III, IV). Pedal or Lever. Optional Glockenspiel and Chimes or Bells and Ballet Dancers.

"Cool breezes sweep our faces with soft whispers. Gentle wisps of ghostly images glide amid soft moonbeams..." The spoken voice floats over hauntingly beautiful harp melodies in this original composition by Fran.


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Library Information

Title: Moonlight Visitations
composed: Fran McGaughey
Instrumentation: Spoken Voice, 4 harps Pedal or Lever.
Optional Glockenspiel / Chimes or Bells
Level: Intermediate
Included: Set of parts
Format: Ringbound
Size: US Letter
Weight: 91 gm (set)
ISMN: --
Our Ref: SM0165
Publisher: Fran McGaughey
Edition/Year: 2008
Origin: USA