SM129: Coming Home

Coming Home
Monika Stadler

Cover Image: Coming HomeIn calling this publication of some of my compositions from the past few years "Coming Home", I wish to address a profound aspect of my music which is of great importance for life and for humanity in general. "Coming Home" is a metaphor for an inner "coming home to oneself" and for "finding an inner peace within". One could also understand it as arriving at the primal source of being. Here it is where peace for the world and for humanity is born. Since my compositions come from deeply within myself and from a very intensitive "listening within" I hope to inspire you with these compositions, to make contact with your inner world and to give you warmth, shelter, hope and high spirits. Another aim of my music's complexity is to continually explore new and different technical and musical possibilities of the harp, as in "No one can stop me now".

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Contents & Audio Samples

Tunes in the book

1. Coming Home
2. Afternoon voices
3. It's time to say goodbye
4. Scandinavia
5. My sister's song
6. No one can stop me now
7. Maho Bay
8. Travelling (On the Road)
9. I feel good

All the tunes in this book have been recorded by Monika Stadler on her albums as follows:

1, 7, 8 : Song for the Earth
2 : On the Water
3, 5, 9 : My Imaginary Garden
4, 6 : Everything will be all right

Composers Notes

Coming Home by Monika Stadler
Compositions for pedal harp

Coming Home
In a literal sense this composition simply describes how wonderful it is to come home, be it after an exhausting journey or after a long day of work. But in a deeper sense it is meant to express the peace one feels when one finds oneself, that is, when one comes home to one's inner self.

Afternoon voices
Atmosphere of a dreary afternoon: a daydream of a faun is dreamt in sounds of a slightly impressionistic tint.

It's time to say goodbye
Farewell is a steady factor in life. Time and again one has to take leave of people, situations, feelings, ideas, and things grown close to one's heart. But there is no new beginning without farewell and end.

One of the works commissioned by the Brucknerhaus, Linz, Upper Austria, for the "Nordlicht" project. Together with two other musicians we performed under the motto "Finland". With the initial atmosphere of "coming out of nothing" I wanted to musically portray the solitude of the North and a certain feeling of melancholy.

My Sister's Song
A self-forgetting contemplation of the hidden soul of flowers, snow crystals, dewdrops, minerals.....

No one can stop me now
This piece was inspired by African rhythms and instruments (kalimba and ballaphon). The strangely clanging sound of the instruments had me spellbound. I was amused and wanted to imitate this on the harp by inserting a long strip of paper between the strings.

Maho Bay
Maho Bay is the name of an idyllic bay of a Caribbean Island, surrounded by the turquoise ocean. The breathtakingly beautiful view extends as far as some neighbouring islands. This is where this folk-style melody was written during a vacation, inspired by Irish music and played on a small Celtic harp with metal strings. Later, once again at home, I composed the South American inspired part for the concert harp.

Travelling (On the Road)
A musician's life is known to be semi-vagabond. Sometimes I have the feeling of being perpetually on the move. This frame of mind led to "Travelling". The left hand illustrates the continually moving wheels of a car, and the right hand tells of the landscapes which pass by the window.

I feel good
Who doesn't wish to be able to say, in difficult or stressful times "I feel good?" Finally feeling relaxed, spontaneous and happy.

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Library Information

Title: Coming Home
Composer/Arranger: Monika Stadler
Instrumentation: Pedal Harp
Level: Medium - Advanced
Format: Stapled
Size: A4 oversize
Total Pages: 60
Weight: 265gm
ISMN: M-012-19593-1
Our Ref: SM129
Publisher: Doblinger
Edition/Year: 2006
Origin: Austria (EU)

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