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SM118 First Medium-Difficult Grade Volume

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First Medium-Difficult Grade Volume
compiled & edited by David Watkins

The Clive Morley Collection Medium-Difficult Grade Vol 1 harp book - Edited by David Watkins.
Highlights from the Clive Morley Collection of harp music arranged for intermediate - advanced harpist.


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Contents & Notes

Tunes in the book
All edited by David Watkins

Haydn’s Surprise - arr John Weippert
Lento & Con Spirito - Philip J Meyer
Variations on a theme of Spohr - Spohr, arr Philip J Meyer
Largo - GG Ferrari
Rondo - GG Ferrari
La dove prende amor ricetto - Mozart arr. Naderman
Andante and Rondo - JL Dussek
Variations on a theme of Méhul - F Dizi

Performance Notes

Variations on the Andante from Haydn's Surprise Symphony John Weippert

John Weippert was a fashionable teachers and composer in the early eighteen hundreds. His Twelve Divertimentos for harp and piano (or two harps) are justly famous for their ingenious musical ideas and easy technique.

These Haydn variations are well written, imaginative, and not too difficult, and are a joy to perform. The only information about his life can be gleaned from the title pages of his Divertimentos.

“Mr Weippert, teacher of the Pedal Harp No:12, Little Russell Street,
Covent Garden” (LONDON).

Lento and Con Spirito
Variations on a theme of Spohr
Philip James Meyer 1737 -1819

Meyer was one of the first harpist to write a Method for the Harp which was published in Paris C.1770, and it was he who brought the pedal harp to London. With his two harpist sons, he published many compositions and arrangements of fashionable music of the time. However, the father was more outstanding in musicianship and musical style.

The Lento, and Con, Spirito are still rooted in the Gallant style. The Spohr Variations are felicitous and elegantly wrought, and make a wonderful concert piece.

Two Movements from Sonatinas G.G.Ferrari 1759 -1842

Giacomo Gotifredo Ferrari was born in Italy and studied with the great Paisiello. He wrote Operas, Ballets, Chamber Music, and a considerable amount of Harp Music. His style has great musical authority somewhat reminiscent of Haydn. As they were both living in London at the same time it would seem probable that they knew each other.

Variations on a Theme of Mozart F.J.Naderman 1773 - 1835

Son of a famous Harp Maker, Francois-Joseph established a school of Harp playing which still forms the basis of many contemporary techniques. These variations are based on Mozart's Aria “La Dove Prende Amor Ricetto” and Naderman weaves delicious variations sometimes sounding rather difficult but are easy to play.

Concert Andante and Rondo J.L.Dussek 1761 - 1812

Dussek's wife, Sophia Corri must have inspired many of his compositions particularly as she herself was a talented composer. This work was performed by “Madame Dussek at the Nobilities Concerts etc:” and must have been quite popular. A well wrought Andante is followed by a Rondo of engaging charm one of Dussek's “catchy tunes”. This Rondo is quite long for the musical content and could be cut.

Variations on a Theme of Méhul F.Dizi 1780 - 1840

François-Joseph Dizi was known as the “Beethoven of the Harp” and was one of the greatest early nineteenth century virtuosos. The beautiful Aria “Je suis toujours dans mon printemps” also inspired Louis Spohr to write a set of Variations. These beautiful variations should be better known and should be included in International Competition programmes.

Professor David Watkins


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Library Information

Title First Medium-Difficult Grade Volume
Composer Collection compiled & edited by David Watkins
Instrumentation: Pedal Harp
Level Intermediate / Advanced
Printed Parts: A4 stapled
Pages of music: 49
Weight: 195g
Our Ref: SM0118
Publisher: Clive Morley Harps
Edition/Year: 2008
Origin: UK