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Cover ImageSonate de Caractère
Sonata for Harp with violin accompaniment

J. Deleplanque

Edited by Dominique Piana

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The present edition of the Sonata for Harp with Violin Accompaniment, subtitled Sonate de caractère on the first page, is based entirely on the 18th century print by Imbault, whose cover is reproduced on the preceding page. The original provided only seperate harp and violin parts. To keep all practicing and performing options open, we are offering seperate parts as well as a combined score, with particular attention to page turns given to the solo harp part. Fingerings have been added sparsely, mainly as an aid to sight-reading, while pedaling has been made explicit to leave no doubt as to tonality. The only change made in the editing process can be found in the Alberti bass between measures 90 and 93, specifically in the repeated Bb dominant 7th chord.

A solo revision by Dobrochotov, published in Moscow in 1964 (under the spelling Delaplank and referring to the year 1782) was also consulted. Its existence may testify to the wide dissemination of harp music in 18th century Europe, but ultimately it serves only as an example of a modernized’ classical edition, replete with dynamics, left hand étouffés and harmonics not found in the original, and more surprisingly, some major cutting and pasting!

Dominique Piana, Editor

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Library Information

Title: Sonata for Harp with Violin accompaniment
Composer: J. Deleplanque
Arranger: Edited Dominique Piana
Instrumentation: Harp with violin accompaniment
Level: Advanced
Format: Stapled - score and instrumental players parts
Size: 11" x 8.5" (US Letter)
ISMN: Not issued
Our Ref: DP043
Publisher: Editions Harpiana Publications
Series: Gems Unearthed - Harp Originals
Edition/Year: 2007
Origin: USA