Adlais 231: Mr Naderman comes to Wales

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Mr Naderman comes to Wales
David Watkins

Publisher Adlais Music Publishers
Catalogue No. Adlais 231
ISMN 9790570322619
Edition Date 2022, A4 Stapled
Duration c. 7.50 minutes
Instrumentation  Solo Pedal Harp
Level Intermediate to Advanced
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Recording of the World Premiere of Sonata - Mr Naderman comes to Wales
Performed by Ieuan Jones on Friday 12 August 2022 at The Llanfyllin Music Festival, Wales.

Tim Creighton Griffiths Adlais 231 Mr Naderman comes to Wales by David Watkins

Further Information

Mr Naderman comes to Wales

Masako Shinto, who commissioned this Sonata, asked me to include the name Naderman in the title. Her wonderful single action harp was made in the late eighteenth century by Jean-Henri Naderman, one of the most sought after harp makers. His son, François Joseph Naderman, is remembered for his harp compositions and progressive sonatas which most of us have had to learn to improve our techniques.

“Naderman” is the name that Masako Shinto has given to her harp.

If her harp came to Wales it would be obvious that a Welsh Folk Tune would be played on it, and so I have chosen the air “All youths and maidens fair” (Pob mab a merch wiwlan) to open the Sonata.

The second movement starts with a scherzo where the youths and maidens are playing together and thumbing their noses at each other. It is followed by a middle section where everything calms down and there is a sense of nobility of purpose. However, the scherzo returns with its ‘rough and tumble’ and ends brilliantly but quietly.

Masako Shinto became well known for providing music for those people near to death and so the ‘Elegy’ is a “Benediction for a Departing Soul”, simple but compelling as the music soars heavenwards.

The Perpetuum Mobile is a Rondo in quasi eighteenth century style. I have used enharmonics D# and Eb, and G# and Ab in the initial theme, the only ones possible on the single action harp. The middle section is a bow towards Francis Poulenc (a composer I knew in Paris) and then the Rondo returns and endswith glitter.

This work is for Single Action or Concert Harp.

David Watkins (2022)

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