Adlais 138: Tirlun Cymreig, A Welsh Landscape

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Tirlun Cymreig - A Welsh Landscape
David Watkins

A Welsh Landscape is dedicated to Rosalind Sharples. Painter, poet and harpist, Rosalind and her husband, the sculptor Chris Sharples, live in one of the most beautiful parts of Pembrokeshire. Surrounded by the ancient Ty Canol woods, whose canopies shade the greenest of moss-covered stones, this paradise is dominated by Mynydd Carningli, known as the 'Mountain of Angels'. The countryside around is filled with traces of prehistoric settlements, standing stones and ancient burial sites like the megalithic cromlech of Pentre Ifan. Close lies the sea at Newport. It was this landscape which inspired this suite of pieces, and I hope it will be the first of many inspired by the magic of Wales.

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from the CD The Triumph of Time Part II also available on this site
from the CD Double Strung also available on this site

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Performance Notes

INTERLUDE 1 Adagio (35 seconds)
The beginning is peaceful (Moonlight on the sea), and the crescendo towards the end makes one aware of the temperamental and heaving sea. The glissandos are 'free' throughout.
Bars 1- 6: When played on harps with only 43 or 44 strings, the bottom 7Eb, which is unavailable, will be eliminated. Play 6Eb only.
Pedals should be moved exactly where indicated.

DAWN (20 seconds)
The sun rises out of the sea and we are transported to the woods at Ty Canol.

INTO THE FOREST (80 seconds)
An early morning gallop. Rosalind gallops joyfully through the magical countryside.
Bars 21-24 and bars 42-46: the awkward 'leap' in the left hand may be avoided by repeating the first half of the bar at the same pitch, or leaving it out.
Bars 25-41: some harpists may prefer to reverse the hand position, playing the notes in the upper stave with the left hand and the notes in the lower stave with the right hand.

INTERLUDE 2 Seascape (35 seconds)
As in Interlude 1. When played on harps with 43 or 44 strings, omit bottom 7Eb octave in the left hand. Play only 6Eb. Pedals to be moved exactly where indicated.

This melody is one of the most moving and memorable from the musical heritage of Wales. The dying harpist, David, asks his family to bring his harp so that he can touch it for the last time. An angel appears to him, telling him to play the harp during his last journey. The rising figuration in the second verse accompanies David's soul as it rises to heaven.
When played as a separate solo, this arrangement may be played in A minor.

INTERLUDE 3 Seascape (35 seconds)
As in Interludes 1 and 2 omit bottom 7Eb when played on harps with 43 or 44 strings. Glissandos should be 'free'. Pedals to be moved exactly where indicated.

THE MILLER'S SONG (75 seconds)
In this joyful song, the miller catalogues all those delightful possessions which will make him irresistible to a prospective wife. The hypnotic harmony and rhythm suggest the mill wheel turning


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Title Tirlun Cymreig - A Welsh Landscape
Composer David Watkins
Instrumentation: Pedal Harp
Performance time: Approx. 6' 45"
Level medium ability pedal harpist
Printed Parts: A4 stapled
Pages of music: 7
Weight: 60g
Our Ref: Adlais 138
Publisher: Adlais Music Publishers
Edition/Year: 2007
Origin: Wales, UK