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MRC Classical is a specialist record label dedicated to making fine recordings of chamber and wind music. We specialise in rare and neglected works for woodwind and are privileged to work with some of the finest classical musicians in the UK today.

First and foremost we are an artist-led label. We support a growing network of professional musicians who, despite possessing well-established careers, are finding it increasingly difficult to get their work to disc. Recording projects are nominated by the artists themselves, and our aim is to fund two innovative releases each year.

Artists are encouraged to assist in all aspects of production. The objective is to attain musical excellence through involvement in the entire creative process. Recording projects are essentially personal statements made by the musicians themselves - music they wish to perform under conditions they wish to dictate.

Compact discs of works for flute, oboe, bassoon and piano, including some delightful wind trios by Poulenc, Françaix, Dring and Damase feature in our catalogue, as well as beautifully arranged compositions by the renowned bassoonist Martin Gatt.

MRC Philosphy: In their own words ....

We always record on location in real spaces rather than the studio, and take advantage of high-resolution digital formats. We aim for a natural and detailed sound using carefully chosen equipment, minimal microphone placement and a minimalist recording path. Though we have access to state-of-the-art editing and signal processing facilities, our preferred approach is to render actual musical performances rather than a patchwork of edits. Our aim is to produce recordings with an immediate and ‘life-like’ quality, with a vibrancy suited to the mood of the works themselves.

Our philosophy is to encourage performance from both sides of the microphone. We work as a team to create a relaxed atmosphere in which the musicians determine the pace and actually enjoy the recording process. Our engineers are expected to understand works as well as the producers and deliver a premium-quality sound. Editing is viewed as a tool to remove extraneous noise rather than a crutch to bolster performance. This may make great demands on the creative team, but it is the way we believe chamber music should be made.

Our engineering team is available for hire for any high-quality project, though you would be advised to discuss matters well in advance of proposed recording schedules. Please email them directly at

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