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Dr. Ashwin Mahesh Dalvi, born in 1977 has liberated new oscillations as a musician. His family belongs to a center of art and culture namely, Jaipur, the city better described as cultural capital of the Country. His father Pt. Mahesh D.Dalvi has been noted Tabla player in the country as well as abroad. During his visits to several countries under the international programs for cultural exchange sponsored by the Government of India under the bilateral agreements, his father has made a massive contribution in popularizing Indian Music.

Dr. Ashwin Dalvi started his training in music and especially in sitar in the directions of his illustrious father Pdt. Mahesh Dalvi and famous Guitar player Shri Satish Khanwalkar of Jodhpur. Dr. Ashwin later went to Mumbai for his advanced training exclusively in sitar from Pdt. Arvind Parikh from Vilayat-Khani Gharana of Sitar who needs no introduction in the field of music. Vilayat-Khani Gharana is known for its compatibility with Khyal Gayaki style and its compositions of different lineage. Dr. Ashwin carries deep influences from the art and philosophy of great Sitar wizard Pdt. Nikhil Bannerjee.

In his academic career, Ashwin Dalvi has excelled most of the earlier peak performances. Ashwin secured top position in the Post-Graduate examination held in the year 2000. Dr. Ashwin has also completed his doctorate work in music. His doctorate studies on legendary Sitar maestro Pt. Nikhil Bannerjee have been highly appreciated in the academic circles. The professional program organizers recognized his talent and sponsored his advanced training. These agencies included the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of the Government of India and Music & Drama academies besides the cultural program-organizing clubs or social bodies all over the Country.

Thus blessings from guru along with the inherited talent, rich studies and extensive patronage of his talent in music by the renowned institutions and program organizers all over the country acted as pillars in the excellence created by Dr. Ashwin during his stage performances.

At present Dr. Ashwin Dalvi is engaged in delivering lectures and demonstrations in music in the colleges and post-graduate departments in various universities. He is a lecturer at Banasthali Vidya Peeth, Banasthali. During his visits Dr. Ashwin Dalvi has also been conducting workshops for devising admixtures of music streams from different lineages keeping in the line with the traditions of Vilayat-Khani Gharana.

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Address E-122-A Kataria Colony
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E-mail ashwindalvi@yahoo.com or ashwindalvi_sitar@yahoo.co.in

Besides being a lecturer at Banasthali Vidya Pith University, I teach Indian Music at an institution namely Nad-Sadhna. Nad Sadhna is the institution, which has tried to unfold this beauty & treasure of Music before its worshippers. Nad Sadhna provides a platform to learn Indian Music (Vocal, Instrumental and Dance). Here you will acquire the skill and the power to understand the depth of the music and above all a musical way to step into the world of Meditation, a perfect peace & joy, enough to turn anyone's life into utopia.

Recordings Sitar Recital
  "Samarpan" was one of my recent albums which was dedicated to the great sitar wizard Pdt. Nikhil Banerjee. In this album I played two of his favourite ragas, Raga Hemant and Raga Mishra Gara.

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