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Martin Leamon and Sille Ilves formed their unique Welsh – Estonian collaboration shortly after the 2001 Viljandi Folkmusic Festival. Since then they have developed a truly original fusion of two different musical cultures, rooted in tradition yet thoroughly modern, they create timeless music.

Photo: SILLE ILVES SILLE ILVES is one of the best fiddle players in Estonia. She studied traditional music at the Viljandi Culture Academy in Estonia. She plays fiddle, hiiu kannel (Estonian bowed harp) and sings. She has played, danced and sung at festivals and concerts in throughout Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. In Wales she has played with fiddler/crwth player Cass Meurig, leading Welsh traditional musician Ceri Rhys Mathews and the KilBride Brothers.
Photo: MARTIN LEAMON MARTIN LEAMON is a skilled multi instrumentalist, with SILD he plays guitar and bouzouki.
He performed for five years with Welsh band Boys From The Hill, and has also accompanied leading Welsh singer Julie Murphy. With these and other projects he has played throughout the British Isles, Brittany, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Estonia.

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Recordings Priodi

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