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" of Wales' best fiddlers, if not the Best" - Llantrisant Folk Club

"The tradition goes back as far as her great-great grandfather, but it's safe in her very capable hands as she plays in the traditional scene with groups as well as on her own." - Rhian Evans - Arts Editor Western Mail

'Ffidilwraig o Fri.' - 'A fiddler of the highest standard'- Alfyn Thomas - BBC Cymru

Siân is a fifth generation fiddle player with roots back to the chapel fiddlers of the Swansea Valleys.

Her early forays in Eisteddfods, barn dances and Folk Dance accompaniment resulted in a wealth of knowledge and understanding of this traditional music and its interpretation, despite her earliest influences being Pink Floyd and Stefan Grappelli!

Her professional career has seen her perform at festivals, concerts, workshops and seminars throughout the UK, Europe and the USA. She has played with The Constitution Hillbillies, Heather Jones, Meic Stevens, Wild Welsh Women. She currently plays with the Rowdies and Celtish

She has also featured in numerous television and radio folk programmes over the past 20 years.

Siân is regarded as one of the foremost exponents of her craft and never fails to entrance her audiences.

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