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Yn Y Gwaed by Rhes Ganol is a CD containing the first ever recordings of the Welsh triple harp choir. Rhes Ganol is a group of five triple harps following in the footsteps of the last triple choir in Wales which performed for the Abergavenny National Eisteddfod before the First World War. Meticulously researched, the music has been chosen and arranged by the group members who carry the mantle of the traditional harp of Wales. The instrument has been played for over three centuries and has produced a unique body of music and technique for the Welsh Nation.

 The group comprises Rhiain Bebb, Robin Huw Bowen, Huw Roberts, Wyn Thomas and his son Steffan. The launch concert took place on Thursday 5th August 2004 at the Angel Hotel, Abergavenny. It is appropriate that the launch of this first ever recording of a triple harp choir is taking place in the Hotel which is closely associated with both the Eisteddfod and also with the greatest supporter that the National instrument has had in its long life, Lady Llanover, the Bee of Gwent. (Link takes you to the Official Llady site designed by Creighton's Collection)

Rhes Ganol was formed in 2000 to develop interest in the instrument and the considerable body of musical work that is available for it, not only from the Welsh traditional perspective, but as the harp was widely used in baroque classical works as well. As important as developing a new audience for this instrument, the Group is equally concerned with developing and playing the triple harp to raise its profile amongst both musicians and particularly, children so that the next generation can appreciate this unique instrument. Through them, the preservation of this National Tradition can be assured.
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Recordings Yn y Gwaed

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