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Recordings Shine on, (See also Talgarth - The Eve of a new Beginning)

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Elaine started her career as a session singer and commercial producer spending 4 years working for a recording studio in Cardiff that specialised in Television and Radio commercials, as well as Radio Station indents. During this time Elaine put together a small band called Talon and released a single on the Sain Record label called ' Hances Felin'. It became one of the most played songs on both BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Cymru.

Over the next 10 years Elaine and husband Derek formed Rose Among Thorns, but she also worked as a solo artiste as well. This included festivals, theatres and touring the U.K. and Europe, together with Television and Radio shows, performing original songs written mostly by Derek and herself.

Some of the people Elaine has worked and toured with include Ralph McTell, Ashley Hutchings, The Albion Band, Fairport Convention, Celine Dion, Alan Stivell and Dan Ar Braz Heritage Des Celtes from Brittany. She also performed in the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo 1996. Most of this work took Elaine into the Celtic and Folk world, but her style of writing and vocals crossed over into Country Music, so for a while she worked on the country scene. As a result Elaine was responsible for creating the backing vocals on a number of British Country albums. For several years, it has been suggested that Elaine release a solo album. So in the summer of 2000 she seriously looked at the possibilities of producing such an album. - Shine On

Some Reviews

Folk on Tap Jan - Mar 2003 edition

Over the course of her career, it's become clear that Elaine Morgan is a singer songwriter in the classic mode - cutting to the heart of a story with her writing, telling it in her own voice and acting as a catalyst to bring the right folks together to make the rest of the song come truly to life. When I listen to Elaine singing today, I still hear that same strength and personality that I first heard on her Ashley Hutchings produced debut album. Nothing has changed in her style. There is still the rich, laconic voice, the easy manner with a lyric, the comfortable presence with an audience. "Shine On" contains twelve tracks where Elaine's delivery, always distinctive and strong, are equalled by her obvious strengths as a songwriter of sophistication and considerable worth. It's all here - the music that Elaine has been singing and playing all her life - and were deeply fortunate she's here to lay it down for us. The album presents an inspired and inspiring journey which is both emotive, vibrant and arresting.

The Ledge Dec 2002

After several years of success working with Dan Ar Braz and Donal Lunny in Heritage Des Celtes, Elaine set about recording this album. The result is a smooth collection of songs that include some fragile and tranquil moments. But don't think new age bland. Throughout the album the instrumentation is unobtrusive, even delicate, supporting Elaine's vocal to the full yet engaging during the instrumental passages. " Bright Lights " is an acapella song on the search for fame and fortune, which for many are simply bright lights in the eyes. " The Waterwheel " tells a tale of growing up, and industrialisation creeping up all around, and provokes thoughts of environmental damage - sounds rather clinical written like this, but the song, like all the others on the album, is full of feeling.

Focus On Folk Dec 2002

The talent to entertain is not granted to everyone, although many people enjoy the results of those who are gifted in this way. Elaine Morgan not only entertains but manages to take you to a level of sublime musical enjoyment not always available even to those who have these talents. "Shine On" is a beautifully crafted mix of songs self penned by Elaine - haunting melodies, excellent lyrics, great subject matter. I can only recommend that you buy the album ... and enjoy.

Rambles - internet folk magazine

Sarah Meador says Elaine Morgan's Shine On "is a dangerous album. With simple lyrics, it could just be another pleasant Celtic-inspired set of tunes. But beyond the simple beauty of the music, over the touching poetry of the lyrics, Shine On layers a powerful, entrancing spell: Elaine Morgan's voice." Morgan could sing the phonebook and it would still be captivating. The only downside to this album is that once you hear it, you won't just want more of her music. You will require it. As for me , I have an album to hear again.

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Recordings Shine on, (See also Talgarth - The Eve of a new Beginning)

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