ALBUM: Carluke Primrose Prize Flute Band
ARTIST: Carluke Primrose Orchestral Flutes formerly Carluke Primrose Prize Flute Band

Sleeve Notes

Carluke Primrose Prize Flute Band consists of approximately 30 flautists and 5 percussionists.

Our family of flutes include piccolo, treble, concert, alto, bass, contra alto and contra bass. Piccolo being the highest pitched and contra bass being pitched a staggering 6 octaves below. As well as flutes, we have used tin whistles and recorders at various concerts.

We also have a full set of percussion instruments including copper timpani, bass drum, snare drum, a wide range of cymbals, gong, tubular bells and a drum-kit.

It is very interesting to know that to replace every instrument would cost in excess of £100,000.

Most of the music that the band perform is either adapted Concert Band pieces, or arranged or composed by a number of individuals within the flute band circle. As every band has a different range of instruments, we find it increasingly difficult to find pieces that cater for the GG bass and Contrabass, although this is a good problem to have!

The band has a varied library, which consists of hymn tunes, military marches, concert overtures, film themes, popular music,jazz and themes from musicals.

As well as competing in various competitions throughout the UK, we perform many concerts and participate in various gala days and festivals, as well as enjoy the occasional social events.

Our youngest member in the band is eight years old, while our oldest member is a mere sixty-three years of age.

All in all, Carluke Primrose Prize Flute Band, are a group of amateur musicians who dedicate no less than five hours per week to a hobby which brings much pleasure not only to its members but also to the public within Carluke and its surrounding area, which is greatly appreciated.

The band would like to thank all the people past and present, who come along to our concerts, who help out at various events and who support the band in many different ways throughout the year.

Particular thanks go to our sponsors of the Annual Concert held every April at Carluke District Hall.

We hope that you enjoy the music compiled on our 2nd CD as much as the band enjoyed making it.

Thank you for purchasing this disc.

Band Personnel

Piccolo: Donna Black Solo Alto: David Lannigan
      Alison Weir
Solo Treble: Laura Arthur   Cree Murdoch
1st Treble: Colin Greacen lst Alto: George Cairns
      Lynne Morrow
2nd Treble: Laura Brougham   Graeme Baillie
      Scott Russell
Solo Concert: Elaine Russell    
  Steven Anderson CC Bass: John Chalmers
  Gillian Baxter   Nelson Knox
      Robert Chalmers
1st Concert: Christine Greacen    
  Julie Lowry GG Bass: Stuart Laird
  Mhari Adam   Bryan Chalmers
  Stewart Brownlie    
  Michelle Ingram Contrabass: Dougie Russell
2nd Concert: Fraser Russell    
  Alyson Nelson Percussion: Alan Stark
  Marion Hyslop   Scott Barr
  Jonathon Hickman   Bryan Forrest
  Emma Bone   Calum Russell
  Hazel Mairs   Tom Barrowman
  Elaine Brown    

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