ALBUM: Gramundus
ARTIST: Siân Phillips

Sleeve Notes
My fiddle is old.

It’s got a bit of history - from my great great grandfather Jeffreys who
was from Cwmgerdinen, between Garnswllt and Felindre; and down a
few generations through GriffJeifreys, my great grandfather; my great
aunt Qlwen Rees whose husband Jack used to play; then to my father,
Dilwyn Jeffreys Phillips and eventually to me.

It was bought by the chapel to be played at services around the
Garnswllt area, before they could afford organs. It’s had its scrapes
which have caused serious heartache but with loads of TLC and annual
servicing it’s a ‘sweet’ fiddle.

Brought up on a constant diet of Vol Doonican, Ste fan Grappelli, Pink
Floyd and Sunday School, I was destined to do something musical...

The tunes at first came from the folk dancing books available but now
come from other musicians and in my head. However, some have come
from a manuscript by Morris Edwards (c. I 778). I seem to make up a
lot of tunes and if one becomes memorable enough, I write it down.



Siân Phillips - Ffidil
Cass Meurig - Ffidil
Dafydd Saer - Gitâr
Chris Lewis - Gitâr
Paul Hopkins - Mandola

All titles tradtional except for (3) Pibddawns Plas Teg - Y Bala, (4) Y Gwyddel. Trwser main & (11) Pibydd Pencader - composed by Siân Phillips
All titles arranged by Siân Phillips except for:
Siân Phillips & Cass Meurig - 5, 9
Siân Phillips & Dafydd Saer - 2, 7, 10, 12
Siân Phillips & Chriss Lewis - 1, 8, 13
Siân Phillips & Paul Hopkins - 4
Recording: Wyn Lewis Jones, Fflach Studios Summer 1998
Mixing: Owen Thomas
Production:Ceri Rhys Matthews
Design: Jack Jackson
Photographs: Miranda Walker
Label: Fflach:tradd
Fflach 1998 ©Cyhoeddiaudau Mwldan

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