ALBUM: Enlli
ARTIST: Llio Rhydderch 

Ynys Enlli
Ynys Enlli, the Isle of Bardsey, lies off the North Wales coast at the end of the Llyn Peninsula. It has been a place of pilgrimage since the end of the 5th century when Cadfan, the first Abbot built his cell there. According to legend 20,000 saints lie buried on Enlli which continues to be a place of pilgrimage.
The Enlli Suite
The music of the suite expresses the deep spiritual emotions evoked on the pilgrimage to Enlli. The sounds of nature, the dramatic landscape and seascapes, the ancient churches and wells, the ever changing light are all reflected in the varying moods of the music. The compositions stem initially from traditional folk songs.
1. Enaid Enlli - The Soul of Enlli
Enlli calls the pilgrims. The island, the beauty of its scenery, the sounds of nature, the birds and the sea form the opening theme of the composition. A meditation on the sanctity of Enlli is reflected in the pensive nature of the middle section before returning to the echoes of the first theme.
Composed by Llio Rhydderch
2. Clychau Clynnog - The Bells of Clynnog
The bells of Beuno's Church at Clynnog Fawr ring out their joyful welcome at the start of the pilgrimage. One is also aware of the echoes of distant church bells, ringing out their welcome. A second melody creates an ethereal feeling in its gently flowing ascent before returning to the bells gradually fading away and ending with a sense of calm. Saint Beuno was the pre-eminent early Christian saint in North West Wales and was as important in the North as was David, our patron saint, in the South.

Composed by Llio Rhydderch

3. Beuno a'r Gylfinir - Beuno and the Curlew
The music follows the flight of the curlew as it swoops over the waves to rescue Beuno's sermon as he crosses the sea from Clynnog to Llanddwyn on Anglesey to worship at Dwynwen's church. Beuno's theme, the opening melody, is in the form of a prayer. In the curlew's flight over Maen Dylan, Caer Arianrhod and Abermenai we are reminded of the Mabinogion legends.

The Mabinogion are considered to be one of the great treasures of Welsh literature. They consist of collections of myths passed down orally for centuries until they were written down around the 12th century. The legends come from Celtic mythology and the most famous tales are those known as The Four Branches of the Mabinogion.

Composed by Llio Rhydderch
4. Llwybr y Pererinion - The Pilgrim Way
As the pilgrims follow the path through the beautiful scenery of Llyn the music reflects the physical effort and the excitement at the prospect of finally reaching the journey's end. One is also aware of the deep spirituality of the music. Finally the call of Enlli is answered in the echoing of the two last notes which mark the end of the suite.
Composed by Llio Rhydderch
5,9,13. Ffynnon Melangell - Melangell's Well - 1,2,3
These three little sketches were improvised in the studio and are totally free spirits reflecting the wild nature of the peninsula. They are reminiscent of the previous album Melangell and herein Enlli they serve as a unifying feature.
Composed by Llio Rhydderch

6. Malltraeth
Variations were originally added in response to an invitation to Llio from Donal Lunny in Ireland to contribute to his commission for RTE for a `Millennium Suite' and to work alongside other Celtic musicians. The arrangement of these variations is by Llio and her pupil, Elin.

Malltraeth: an estuary on the western coast of Anglesey to which are attracted many varieties of sea birds.

Variations Elin Wyn Jones, Llio Rhydderch
7. Llwyn Onn - The Ash Grove and Aber Lleiniog
There are three versions of Llwyn Onn and the third was passed down by ear to Llio from Idwal Owen of the Anglesey harpers of Llannerch-y-medd. Aber Lleiniog is the farm owned for the last hundred years by Llio's family in Anglesey. With its ever changing views across the Menai Straits to the mountains of Eryri beyond it inspired this composition.
Variations Idwal Owen/Llio Rhydderch
8. Consêt Harri Prydderch - Harri Prydderch's Conceit
This theme and variations were composed to celebrate the birth of Llio's grandson in 2001.
Composed by Llio Rhydderch
10. Adar Rhiannon - The birds of Rhiannon
The tales of the Mabinogion tell us of these mythical birds of the goddess Rhiannon whose enchanting songs brought the dead to life. The composition was inspired by the folk song Adar Mân y Mynydd (The small birds of the mountain).
Composed by Llio Rhydderch
11. Pen Rhaw - The Spade's head
A melody used extensively at one time for traditional penillion singing. This arrangement is of a different, but very attractive, version followed by a lively composition of variations by Elin and Llio.
Variations Elin Wyn Jones, Llio Rhydderch
12. Nos Galan - New year's Eve
This well known tune is more easily recognised as `Deck the hall with boughs of holly. Great fun was had in composing this arrangement and variations as many unexpected ideas sprang to mind during the composition. It is a melody that has allowed jollity and mischief to happen quite naturally.
Variations Llio Rhydderch


Recording: Jens Schroeder, Dreamworlsstudios, Sir benfro Hydref October 2001: Tel 01348 840186
DVD Author: Rhodri Smith e-stream 01267 222776
Design: Jack Jackson, Graphics And Media Bureau 01554 748383
Cover Photographs: Meic Shoring
Produced by Ceri Rhys Matthews
Label: Fflach:tradd
Fflach 2002 ©Cyhoeddiaudau Mwldan

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