ALBUM: Chorals (OP. 88)
ARTIST: The music of Jean Chatillon: Performed by Sébastien Deshaies (guitar)

Sleeve Notes
These musics are presented to Mgr Raymond St-Gelais, bishop at Nicolet and man of great devotion.
5 December 2002
Photograph of Jean Chatillon

Jean Chatillon was born from a family of musicians, in 1937, in Nicolet. In 1951, he began to play piano and to compose.

At first self-taught, then he made serious musical studies with the master Conrad Letendre in Montreal.

In 1969, he has founded the Section of Music of the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres and leached there until 1981.

Retired since that year, he dedicated himself to his art.

Very prolific, he has written very many works in music and in litterature.He is an accepted composer at the Canadian Center of Music.

Photograph of Sebastien Deshaies

Sébastien Deshaies. Born in 1980 at Lachine. At the age of 9, he begins private courses of classical guitar with Mario Roy. Five years later, he enters at Conservatoire de Musique de Trois-Rivières (for 3 years) then at Cegep de Drummondville with Marcel Benoit. In June 1997, he distinguishes himself by winning the fist prize in his category at the final test of Concours de Musique du Canada. In April 1998, he receives the Prize for Musical Expression at Sherbrooke College. In April 1999, he becomes prizewinner in the contest Guitare-Drummond. In March 2001, he gives a concert in the series "Jeunes Artistes" at the Cultural Channel of Radio-Canada. Actually, he attends guitar courses with Isabelle Héroux. And he made the arrangements for guitar of the musics presented here.

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Illustration et graphisme : Raphaëlle Parenteau
L'illustration de la pochette représente Jean Chatillon à l'âge de 18 ans.
Copie Conception, 358, boul. Louis-Fréchette, Nicolet, J3T 1B6
Photos - J. Chatillon : D. Laquerre - Autres : R. Dolan-Caron

CD Number: EN-03

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