A1005-CD: TRABACI: Keyboard Music, Book 1

TRABACI: Keyboard Music, Book I (1603)
Sergio Vartolo - Harpsichord and Organ

CD CoverThe Italian composer, Giovanni Maria Trabaci, was one of the most important musical innovators in the 17th century. As a skilled organist, his major church appointments in the Naples area provided him with the financial stability to write 165 works for the keyboard. Many serve the multiple purpose of being adaptable for organ, harpsichord or instrumental groups. In technical accomplishment and harmonic experimentation they were to surpass other works composed at that time, and became the earliest examples of the musical period subsequently defined as the ‘Baroque’ era.

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Track Listing & Audio Samples

Disc 1
1.   Primo tono con tre fughe
2.   Secondo tono con quattro fughe
3.   Terzo tono con tre fughe
4.   Quarto tono con tre fughe & inganni
5.   Quinto tono con quattro fughe
6.   Sesto Tono con tre fughe, e suoi riversi
7.   Settimo tono con due fughe
8.   Ottavo tono sopra Rugiero con tre fughe
9.   Nono tono con tre fughe
10. Decimo tono trasportato con una fugha sola
11. Undecimo tono trasportato con due fughe
12. Duodecimo tono con quattro fughe

Canzoni Francesi
13.   Canzone francese prima
14.   Canzone francese seconda
15.   Canzone francese terza
16.   Canzone francese quarta

Disc 2
Canzoni Francesi (cont.)
1.   Canzone francese quarta sopra dunque credete ch'io
2.   Canzone francese sesta
3.   Canzone francese settima Cromatica

4.   Capriccio sopra un soggetto solo
5.   Capriccio sopra la, fa, sol, la

Canti Fermi
6.   Canto fermo primo del primo Tono
7.   Canto fermo secondo del secondo Tono
8.   Terzo Canto fermo del nono Tono
9.   Canto fermo quarto del primo Tono

10.   Gagliarda prima
11.   Gagliarda seconda
12.   Gagliarda terza
13.   Gagliarda quarta
14.   Gagliarda quinta
15.   Gagliarda sesta
16.   Gagliarda settima
17.   Gagliarda ottava

Disc 3
Partite su Ruggiero
1.   Partita prima sopra Rugiero
2.   Partita terza
3.   Partita quinta
4.   Partita settima
5.   Partita nona
6.   Partita undecima
7.   Partita terzadecima
8.   Partita quintadecima

Partite su Fedele
9.   Partita prima sopra Fidele
10.   Partita terza
11.   Partita quinta
12.   Partita settima
13.   Partita nona
14.   Partita undecima
15.   Partita terzadecima
16.   Partita quintadecima
17.   Partita decima settima
18.   Partita decima nona

19.   Toccata prima secondo Tono
20.   Toccata seconda ottavo Tono
21.   Durezze & ligature
22.   Consonanze stravaganti
23.   Io mi son giovinetto

Total Playing Time: 02:30:53

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(1575 - 1647)

Giovanni Maria Trabaci was one of the most interesting Italian composers of the 17th century. Having started out life as a tenor and organist, and in the latter role held some the most important roles in Italian churches. He was to become a major composer of sacred music, including masses, motets, psalm and hymn settings. Of his personal life we know very little, apart from the fact that he was the benefactor of financial support from the Royal family of Spain, which did allow him the time to devote to writing a modest amount of keyboard scores, also suitable for performance by instrumental ensembles. They demonstrate a composer who was an experimentalist of his time, many of his scores surpassing anything composed to that date.


Album Information

Title: Trabaci Keyboard Music (Book 1 1603)
Instruments: harpsichord and Organ
Genre: Early Music
Format: Audio CD (3 CD set)
Our Ref: A1005-CD
MCPS: 8.553550-52
Label: Naxos
Year: 2002
Origin: EU
Composer(s) Giovanni Maria Trabaci
Artist(s): Sergio Vartolo

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All text courtesy of Naxos - for further information please visit www.naxos.com


Sergio Vartolo studied music, organ and harpsichord, at the Conservatorio of Bologna and graduated at the University of the same city. He has performed throughout Europe as harpsichordist, organist, conductor, stage director and singer. His recordings have been awarded the Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik (Frescobaldi Toccatas), the Choc award by Monde de la Musique (Frescobaldi Capriccios) and the Diapason d’Or (Luzzaschi Madrigals). For fourteen years, until 1998, he held the post of Maestro di Cappella at the Basilica of San Petronio in Bologna. He is an academician of the famous Accademia Filarmonica of Bologna, where, among many other great musicians, in 1770 Mozart was received as a member. The Cappella Musicale di San Petronio di Bologna (officially know as the Cappella Musicale Arcivescovile di San Petronio), was founded in 1436 by a papal bull from Eugenio IV. It is considered by many musicologists to be amongst the most prestigious musical institutions in Italy and one of the most productive artistic centres in the whole history of music. For Naxos Sergio Vartolo and the Cappella Musicale di San Petronio di Bologna have recorded Cavalieri, Palestrina, Perti and two volumes of baroque laments. They have been particularly successful with Vecchi’s L’Amfiparnaso: “There is plenty of gusto here, coupled with a stylish command of the madrigal settings…I can thoroughly recommend it…” (Early Music Review) and with three large works by Monteverdi. The Early Music Review described Sergio Vartolo’s Naxos recording of Monteverdi’s Ballo Delle Ingrate and Tancredi e Clorinda as being “ among the most convincing performance of these works I have heard” whilst a warm and intimate version of L’Orfeo was assessed by Fanfare thus: “The singers are excellent and integrated into a carefully prepared ensemble…You will not do much better at triple the price”. In addition, Sergio Vartolo has recorded Monteverdi’s smaller-scale works: the Canzonette (with Patricia Vaccari)and the same composer’s delightful Scherzi Musicali A Tre Voci.