CD A0469: Imaginales

Roxane Martin

CD CoverAfter having explored the music from Bach to St. Saëns, Roxane Martin became fascinated by the spontaneity and depth of the repertoire of popular music. Now she opens you an insight into her imagination which goes back to the sources of internal landscapes shaped during her childhood.In Imaginales she disassembles and assembles in a balancing act of improvisation. In this tightrope walk between past and future she gives an idea of a metamorphosis. She takes the risk and makes us vibrate by a way of tying and retying the symbolic links between the asymmetric set of her 34 strings.

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Track Listing & Audio Samples

1. Bessarabian dream 4.16
2. Varshaver freylekh 2.38
3.  Adieu Miss Jessy 2.54
4. Manoé 2.25
5. Warna 4.11
6. Francesco 2.45
7. Sur le bord du vardar 4.12


Album Information

Title: Imaginales
Artists: Roxane Martin
Instruments: Celtic Harp
Genre: Contemporary / Traditional
Format: Audio CD
Our Ref: A0469
MCPS: BAL_004/1
Label: Balagan
Year: 2011
Origin: France