A0447-CD: To the Mackerel

To the Mackerel
Stephanie Liney - Celtic Harp

CD cover: To the Mackerel

Original and Traditional Music for Celtic Harp. The Music on this CD contains both traditional celtic pieces and new compositions by Stephanie Liney. These works have been inspired by the Dorset coastline and its history

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Audio Samples & Track Listing

To the Mackerel
  1. Parson’s Farewell – Playford
  2. To the Mackerel – Liney
  3. The Grenadier and the Lady – English Trad.
  4. Eleanor Plunkett – O’Carolan
  5. Fanny Power – O’Carolan
  6. Words in Waves – Liney
  7. Suo Gan – Welsh Trad.
  8. The Pottery Shore – Liney
  9. Kean O’Hara – O’Carolan
  10. The Empty Net – Liney
  11. The Moonlit Galleon – Liney
  12. The Orange Rogue – Irish Trad.
  13. Sails on the Solent – Liney
  14. Lord Galway’s Lamentation – O’Carolan
  15. The Maids of Mitchelstown  - Irish Trad.
  16. The Clergy’s Lamentation – O’Carolan
  17. A Fisherman’s Song for Attracting Seals – Trad.
  18. Sheebeg and Sheemore – O’Carolan
  19. The Lobster Pot – Liney
  20. Towards Old Harry – Liney

Album Information

Title: To the Mackerel
Artist: Stephanie Liney
Instruments: Celtic Harp
Genre: Trad / Contemporary
Format: Audio CD
Our Ref: A0447
MCPS:  --
Label: Stephanie Liney
Year: 2010
Origin: UK