CD A0392: Fasgadh's Faeries

Fasgadh's Faeries
Mareike Beyer

CD Cover:  Fasgadh's Faeries by Mareike BeyerSolo harp - mesmerising and beautiful.
This music comes straight from the heart.
Scottish/Irish/English traditional and beyond.

'It's the harp playing me really, not the other way round.' - Mareike

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Track Listing & Audio Samples

Fasgadh's Faeries

1.  Fasgadh's Faeries
2.  Shamus Wren
3.  Keep it up Shamus
4.  Greensleeves
5.  Brian Boru's March
6.  On the Meadow
7.  The Dark Isle
8.  Little Cascade
9.  Celtic Wedding
10. Irish Tune
11. Swallow's Tail
12. Si Do Mahimeo
13. Free & Easy Sally
14. Ae Fond Kiss
15. Salley Gardens

CD Notes & Credits

Fasgadh's Faeries
Fasgadh was a bothy where I spent my first winter with the harp; a magical place that gave me a lot of inspiration. One day this tune appeared in my head. It is dedicated to the faeries that live there-whether they had a part in it or not!

Shamus Wren
This is my interpretation of my friend Shamus's memory of the song 'The Hunting of the Wren', which was very different to the original tune, but equally beautiful.

Keep It Up Shamus
Two tunes: one slightly changed version of 'keep it up' and another memory of Shamus's memory of a tune.

For Richard and Ann.

Brian Borus's March
Brian Boru was a king of Ireland who is said to have put an end to the Viking raids by winning a great battle in 1014. Apparently he won because he had an army of 1000 harpers and all the harps were out of tune! Not quite sure how historically accurate this is!

On The Meadow
This tune appears when my friend Sam and I were jamming on the green in front of Augustus Abbey. 'Meadow' sounded better to me than 'Green', though.

The Dark Isle
A well known Scottish tune, played by many musicians in all kinds of different versions. This is mine.

Little Cascade
Written by Pipe Major McLennan at the turn of the century; apparently inspired by a dripping tap.

Celtic Wedding
A Breton dance tune.

Irish tune-Gleanntan Glas Gaoith Dobhair
Apparently this means 'Little Green Glen of Gweedore'. I confess I always call it 'Irish Tune' and only dug up the proper name for this CD. It's the same tune as 'Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore' but I couldn't quite get used to that name either.

Swallow's Tail
Swallow TailReel/Drowsy Maggie/Flowers of the Red Hill.
An Irish tune, half a Scottish tune and the last tune may not have its proper name.

Si Do Mahimeo
This Irish song translates as 'The Hag with the Money' and it sounds to me like somebody is having a fit of jealousy.

Free & Easy Sally
Inspired by the beautiful song 'Sally Free & Easy'

Ae Fond Kiss
Robert Burns set this song to the melody originally called 'Rory Dall's Port'. And guess what... Rory Dall was a famous Scottish harper born in the 17th century.

Salley Gardens
A beautiful Irish song about an unhappy love. Salley means willow.

Most of these tunes are traditional. Some I learned without knowing their proper names, other are merely inspired by their namesake. Others again are memories of the memories of somebody who heard something somewhere and played it to me. All arrangements are by myself and keys often chosen according to what seemed to resonate best on my harp. It's the harp playing me really, not the other way round.

I have always loved expressing my enjoyment of all things beautiful. One of my greatest pleasures is sharing this with others. My life and my music would not be the same if I had not experienced so many people enjoying my playing.

I found this sentence on a CD of some wonderful musicians and I wholeheartedly want to say the same:
'Thanks to audiences everywhere- you make musicians happy!'

Thanks to simply all of you, but especially:
Everybody who ever encouraged me to ignore all inhibitions and play in public.
Pilgrim harps for such a beautiful instrument that somehow found its way to me.
Ralf for not allowing me to chicken out of this.
The Applecross Trust for permission to record at Clachan Church
Recorded & edited by Ralf Kleemann
Produced by Mareike Beyer.

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Album Information

Title: Fasgadh's Faeries
Artist: Mareike Beyer
Instruments: Harp
Genre: Traditional
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0392
MCPS: --
Label: Mareike Beyer
Year: 2008
Origin: EU