CD A0304: Two Ways

Two Ways
Monika Stadler

CD Cover: Two WaysOnce again, due to constant demand "Two Ways" has been remixed and remastered in 2007 by Rupert Metnitzer (

Most of the compositions on this disc are Jazz-Standards (Chick Corea, Pat Metheny, Billie Holiday, Horace Silver, Deborah Henson-Conant) except three originals and one song composed by David Darling.

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Track Listing & Audio Samples

1 Song for my Father 2.36
2 Crystal Silence 5.30
3 April Joy 4.13
4 And then he Kissed Me 3.55
5 God Bless the Child 5.48
6 Children's Song 3.22
7 Questions 4.57
8 I Look at the Candle 3.12
9 Meditation 5.08
10 Vocalis 2.46

Notes & Credits


"Two Ways" started out as my first music cassette. Because of the great demand, it now also appears as a CD.

The initial impetus for this album came from Mr. Wayne Rucker in 1993, while I was studying in Boston, USA. After he heard me playing at a meeting of the American Harp Society, he immediately offered me financial support to be able to produce this solo album.

That offer provided a good opportunity for me to learn all about the essential work necessary to produce an album and get to know an important part of the music business. That's how my first production materialised in the summer of 1993, in Arlington, near Boston.

Because most of the pieces in this collection were not composed for harp originally, I felt a particular challenge in transcribing and arranging them for the harp. Two examples being "Song of my father" by Horace Silver and "God bless the child" by Billy Holiday, both with which I won an award at a jazz harp competition in Orlando, Florida.

At this time I began writing my own music too. My first composition was awarded a prize at another international competition in the USA. This piece, along with others of mine, appear on the album "Another World", also available on CD.


Recorded in 1st Spy Studio, Arlington, Massachusetts, USA
Engineer: Johnathan Conant, August 1993
All songs are arranged by Monika Stadler for solo harp
Produced by Monika Stadler
Cover Design and scenic photos by Harald Ergott
Photo Monika Stadler by Brigitte Pressler

Special thanks to:
Jackie and Wayne, Johnathan, Martin Wilford,Deborah Henson-Conant, David Clark, David Darling, Alexander Slabihoud, David Kahn and my parents.
Thank you in believing in my talent.

1.  Song for my father (H. Silver)
2.  Crystal Silence (C. Corea)
3.  April joy (P. Metheny)
4.  And then he kissed me (D. Henson-Conant)
5.  God bless the child (B. Holiday)
6.  Children's song(C. Corea)
7.  Questions (M. Stadler)
8.  I look at the candle (M. Stadler)
9.  Meditation (M. Stadler)
10. Vocalis (D. Darling)

Album Information

Title:     Two Ways
Artists: Monika Stadler
Instruments:     Solo Harp
Genre: Jazz / Contemporary
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0304
MCPS: EX 605-2
ISBN 978-3-221-16052-4
Label: Extraplatte
Year: 1993 / Remixed & remastered 2007
Origin: Austria